What’s the point in beautiful print if the finish doesn’t do it justice? Get creative with contrasts, depth, layers and materials. The possibilities are endless.


Binding can make all the difference to a final design aesthetic. From classic approaches to bespoke finishes our binding options include saddle-stitching, perfect (PUR) binding, case binding and singer sewing to name some of the more popular finishes.


The perfect solution for many packing and promotional items, with both small and large volumes cut crisply and accurately. With the use of Heidelberg Platens and Cylinders we can die-cut, perforate, crease and kiss-cut. We also have the facility for CNC cutting on any prototypes prior to full production.


Duplex, triplex and even multiplex is a stunning finishing technique that bonds two, three or even more sheets to create unique and memorable printed communication, adding an extra layer of quality to business cards, invitations, documents and booklets.


Often underused, folding can be a creative way to make a booklet from a single sheet and get more out of your budget. Straight folding, concertina folds, cross-folds and miniature folding, we offer all the standard industry folds, but do talk to us as the options are endless.